Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, was born and raised in Pietermarizburg South Africa. He committed his life to Christ at the tender age of 4 years old. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit at that time in “Good News Club” with aunty Daphne leading him to Christ. He was baptized in water at the age of 14. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, has been serving God for 41 years as of 2018. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, has 30 years of hands on experince in all areas of church ministry and church government.  Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson went to one church all his christian life and served his Pastor Bill Naidoo untill his transition into heaven. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson pioneered his own ministry from December 2002. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, still holds membership in his home church, Bethel Ministries, Pietermaritzburg.

After successfully completing high school in 1992, between the years 1993 and 1998 Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson pursued a career in broadcast media, as a commercial radio and television presenter for the largest government and private media networks in the continent of Africa. In the year 2000, Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson left the media and followed the sovereign call of God upon his life. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson was trained for the work of the ministry for 3 years full-time in Rhema Bible Training Center in Randburg South Africa. During this time he helped other Pastors from Africa pioneer and launch church's. In 2001, he was ordained as a deacon in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God while helping fellow students launch church's for the very same denomination. In December 2002, God called Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson back to his hometown to start a house of prayer in the city. At this time Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, met his wife, Kerry-Lee Joy and they were married in April 2005. They are now blessed parents of 4 gifts from God. In December 2005, Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson transitioned the prayer fellowship into a local church and he was ordained as a Pastor over the new found work.

In August 2009, Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson visited the United States Of America for the first time and he was recognized by a group of international Bishops as an Apostle to the LORD'S church in the United States Of America and the nations. At this gathering in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, he was set apart to do the work of an Apostle, being ordained and recognized by the Bishops of the River International Fellowship Of Church's. In December 2011 Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson migrated out of South Africa, and moved to Jacksonville Florida to start his further theological education at Conservative Theological University. For the next 5 years, Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson studied full time and earned 3 degrees in theology, that being a double masters and a Ph.D. In December 2015 Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson, sensed a calling to the Washington D.C area to pioneer an Apostolic and Prophetic Church to serve the Washington D.C axis.

Presently Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson is the founder and President of Revival River Inc, a growing influential Apostolic and Prophetic ministry that impacts the USA and many other nations. Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson is the creator of DemonDetox, one of the greatest online platforms for deliverance from demonic bondage and captivity. Ministry from Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson is a rare find as he carries a multifaceted anointing in both leadership as a change agent in the Kingdom of God with extensive experience in media and ministry, Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson is walks in unusual supernatural power that is combined with accurate theological application built on integrity from God's WORD.

Your world will gloriously change as you take time to sit a the feet of Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson. Don't miss your opportunity to receive grace from Apostle Dr. Ricardo Watson.