Apostolic Mentorship

Access is granted and not assumed. Experience authentic ministry through Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D who is providing personal Apostolic mentoring sessions for discerning and distinguished leaders. This level of ministry involves quality time and face to face relationship building with the founder and president of “IRP” (International Royal Priesthood).  In this intimate one-on-one setting, Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D imparts Apostolic grace to you in a living and powerful way. Hands on deliverance is available in every session.The goal is to activate and establish the patterns and purpose of God the Father within your life, marriage, family, career and calling. These mentorship sessions are designed to emancipate and empower the person who is willing to transition into Apostolic leadership in every sphere of life.

What Is Involved?

Personal mentoring includes spending 3 days of ministry time one on one (couples welcome) with Apostle Ricardo Watson (weekends also available). As you sit at the Apostles feet and receive words of wisdom and vision. You will never be the same. Your ministry and destiny will launch, faulty foundations will be restored, vpurpose will become clear, financial injunctions will annulled. No issue will be left unchallenged, no need will be overlooked. By Apostolic authority you will be re-positioned for effectiveness and greatness.

The sessions take place in the office of Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D. Included with the requisite donation are your meals and lodging. Apostolic mentoring takes place in a charged atmosphere, spending time under Apostolic anointing to realign your spirit to the blueprints of the Holy Spirit. Apostolic mentoring will activate the breaker anointing in every area of your life.

What is the Outcome?

Personal Apostolic mentoring with Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D will address upgrading your current perspectives to Apostolic advancement and intentional personal development.

What Is The Expense?

Note: If you haven’t requested Apostolic counseling you should consider doing so BEFORE asking for this level of ministry. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity therefore strong focus is placed on impartation, and activation that is relevant to your calling, career and vocation. This mentorship program is designed to move you forward with speed and accuracy.


$5,000.00. Hotel and meals are provided by us. (For those with budgetary issues, we strongly advise you save up to partake of this investment into your spiritual life). You are also responsible to provide your own transportation by ground transportation or air. We will provide shuttle service to and from the airport if you are flying in. Mentoring is currently being held at our location in Sterling Virginia – so you would be flying / driving in to the Washington Dulles airport.

How Do I Proceed?

To request Personal Apostolic Mentoring with Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D, please complete the application form by choosing ONE day with a 10AM appointment. This will secure you for the 3 day Apostolic Mentorship ministry with Apostle Ricardo Watson,Ph.D. We will follow up with you by phone or e-mail once we have confirmation of your information and donation Our office will be in touch with you to arrange logistics as to time, accommodation and shuttle services, etc.


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Thank you for your loving partnership with our ministry.

DemonDetox is the deliverance outreach of Revival River Inc, which is a 501c3 entity recognized by the IRS as formed for charitable and religious purposes. Your donations are tax deductible. Any response (prophecy, prophetic counseling, apostolic counseling, dream interpretation, apostolic mentoring visits) from Revival River Inc or any of our workers, ministers or volunteers is entirely of a RELIGIOUS NATURE and no substitute for professional advice of any kind. We conduct these ministries as part of the exercise and evangelization of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We reserve the right to respond or to decline any particular request at our discretion for any reason. We do not sell or exchange these services for remuneration. Our ministry services are gifted to you as an intangible religious benefit in appreciation for your donation.