Dreams play a vital role in deliverance.
Ignorance in this area is the cause for challenges in life. The Scriptures teach dreams as a major communication tool of God to humanity.

Dreams have 3 sources, God, your subconscious or the devil.
While taking DemonDetox, your dream life will be very vivid and frequent. This is the best way to accurately diagnose specialized issues you might be having with demonization.

Apostle, Dr. Ricardo Watson, stresses, that all dreams be interpreted accurately through legitimate Apostolic and Prophetic authority. Further to this, there must be a clear cut prayer strategy on how to address, nullify, truncate and terminate the tokens, vows, covenants, pledges, agreements, soul-ties, actions, attractions, arousals, associations, curses and spirits etc in the dream. When you submit your dreams to Apostle, Dr.Ricardo Watson, you will get clear instruction and direction of how to deal with your dream. If you fail to deal with your dreams them your dreams can cause you to fail in life.

The inaugural sermon of the church was the outpouring of the Spirit for dreams and visions. Who is helping you to accurately handle your dream language?
Do you have constant DEFILED DREAMS or DREAMS OF DARKNESS AND FEAR? Never ignore your dreams! INIQUITY is reveled in dreams. One of the greatest weapons to expose the enemy of your destiny is your dreams. A dream repeated is a matter established. Apostle, Dr. Ricardo Watson, can help you deal with both Godly and demonic dreams.


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