On behalf of Apostle Dr Ricardo Watson and Kerry-Lee Watson we extend to you a warm Christian welcome to our online ministry portal . Revival River is a cosmopolitan church that is conservative in doctrine and charismatic in the ministry of the Spirit. We are “Central-Biblicists” and as a family centered church we build the lives of the saints according to the pattern Jesus has given us through His WORD.

We are based in Loudoun County, the birthplace and domain of the internet and a residential suburb of Washington DC. We as a church believe that God has planted us here to affect the Washington DC metro axis with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our reach is local and our impact is global. We are committed to seeing revival in the USA, and we believe this will be done by the power of the Holy Spirit using our church worship gatherings and LIVE streaming over the internet to touch the digital nation that seeks God through various online social media platforms.

All of our public meetings are grounded in expository exegetical prophetic preaching and teaching. As a church we invest much time in corporate prayer and fasting, so as to develop strong believers that are rooted in the truth of God's Word and Spirit.

Revival River is full of God's love and grace as defined in the Scriptures, we lead in hope and in holiness. Revival River is intentional in pursuing God presence and not chasing entertainment and worldliness. Revival River is a spiritual church and not a sensual church. Our church family emulate unity in Christ and not dysfunctional denominational discord. Godly freedom reigns in Revival River. The liberty of the Spirit is evident in the lives of all those who are in covenant with God and in fellowship with us as a church. Families in Revival River are matured into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Believers in our apostolic kingdom community know their God, and live by faith exuding the light of His kingdom, power and glory in the earth. Miracles, wonders and signs are not theologically rejected in our church, rather the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit is celebrated, as we do all things decently and in order. If you are looking for a church that protects your family, and resonates a culture that is Christ centered, which is precisely Scripture and Spirit governed, then welcome home beloved.

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Revival River worships at:
10 Pidgeon Hill Drive. Suite 80. Sterling. VA. 20165.
Tel: 703 430 7775
Times Of Ministry:
Friday: 8pm-4am (“ALTAR OF FIRE” – All Night Prayer)
Sunday: 10am and  5pm (WORD WORSHIP WONDERS)

DemonDetox is the deliverance outreach of Revival River Inc, which is a 501c3 entity recognized by the IRS as formed for charitable and religious purposes. Your donations are tax deductible. Any response (prophecy, prophetic counseling, apostolic counseling, dream interpretation, apostolic mentoring visits) from Revival River Inc or any of our workers, ministers or volunteers is entirely of a RELIGIOUS NATURE and no substitute for professional advice of any kind. We conduct these ministries as part of the exercise and evangelization of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We reserve the right to respond or to decline any particular request at our discretion for any reason. We do not sell or exchange these services for remuneration. Our ministry services are gifted to you as an intangible religious benefit in appreciation for your donation.