#DemonDetox is the greatest online deliverance program on the planet. To forego this opportunity will result in a lifetime of expenses too burdensome to pay. 40 years of hands on church involvement with 20 years of research and practice in deliverance ministry has resulted in this robust resource of spiritual freedom. It has taken me 374 days of sustained intense prayer, weekly fasting and prophetic ministry to produce this dynamic turnkey tool of emancipation. As an Apostle in the LORD’S church with an earned Ph.D in Theology, #DemonDetox is the greatest investment you will make in your own liberty.

Apostles are given to the church for the setting of doctrine. Apostles give themselves to the Word and prayer. Apostles are wise master builders. Who is the Apostle in your life? Schedule an Apostolic counseling session today and get instruction, correction and direction for life.

Join us LIVE for the WORD and PRAYER. Monday to Friday 1-2pm (EST) is “LION OF ZION”, our outreach on Social Media. We also stream our “ALTAR OF FIRE” all night prayer meeting, every Friday from 8pm -4am (EST) Saturday. On Sundays we are LIVE from 10am -1pm and 5pm-7pm (EST). Every meeting has the power of God manifesting for your freedom.

Access is granted and not assumed. Experience authentic ministry through Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D who is providing personal Apostolic mentoring sessions for discerning and distinguished leaders. This level of ministry involves quality time and face to face relationship building with the founder and president of “ACKCOIL” (Apostolic Charismata Kingdom Community Of International Leaders).  In this intimate one-on-one setting, Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D imparts Apostolic grace to you in a living and powerful way. Hands on deliverance is available in every session.The goal is to activate and establish the patterns and purpose of God the Father within your life, marriage, family, career and calling. These mentorship sessions are designed to emancipate and empower the person who is willing to transition into Apostolic leadership in every sphere of life.

Find out what is happening in our local church. We have events all through the year and we welcome our digital family from across the planet. We are a home for leaders who desire more of God.

The inaugural sermon of the church was the outpouring of the Spirit for dreams and visions. Who is helping you to accurately handle your dream language?
Do you have constant DEFILED DREAMS or DREAMS OF DARKNESS AND FEAR? Never ignore your dreams! INIQUITY is reveled in dreams. One of the greatest weapons to expose the enemy of your destiny is your dreams. A dream repeated is a matter established. As an Apostle I can help you deal with both Godly and demonic dreams.

LION OF ZION, is a weekly LIVE broadcast on all major social media. Apostle Ricardo Watson, Ph.D teaches and preaches Apostles Doctrine. There is also strong Prophetic Prayer in each LIVE session. You can tune in from Monday to Friday, 1pm – 2pm (EST).